Here are some adorable dogs holding flowers. Have a great day everyone

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

This might be my favorite set, EVER.

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meryl streep

damn she really can play any role

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Today was my first day as manager at work

Glad to say that the hardest part was cleaning up the messy desk and disgusting keyboard left behind by the previous manager.

I felt compelled to be incredibly efficient today but I think that excitement will wear off. I think it’s going to be a pretty difficult transition but I can definitely handle it.

Selfies with dogs.


baby husky and its tennis ball

God dammit

Title: A Working Day Artist: Ben Folds & Nick Hornby 669 plays


Ben Folds - A Working Day


it is crucial to believe and respect girls when they say a guy is giving them bad vibes even if they don’t give you a reason why

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I weighed 67.5kg today. People always say to stay away from office jobs because you do so little exercise. I left my highly physical nursing job just over 2 years ago and with one more kg I’ll be 10kg lighter than I was the day I left.

I guess office work is pretty sedentary but in terms of negative impact on my health it has been no challenge to the erratically patterned shift work that I left behind.