When people are nice.

I forgot it can still happen. I was having an all round unlucky morning and found myself walking to work in the rain 20 minutes late when a guy from my work (that sits near me but we never speak) ran up to me from behind and put his umbrella over my head.

Faith in humanity restored. For now.


when people are really rude and douchey and everyone still loves them


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Ralph and I in our Peter Alexander poses. Ralph wants to be the next PA poster boy.

Strange logic.

Every person that sits in the seat behind me leaves within a minute.

The first thing I thought was “maybe there’s poop on the seat”.

The second was “maybe the back of my head is bleeding”.

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One is not like the other.

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Early Oh Mercy albums tend to do the best job of drowning out women who insist on having long phone conversations on an otherwise silent train.

For men it’s probably The National or something along those lines.

I was just thinking… A relatively new friend (from work) has genuinely provided more support to me and knows more about me personally than my few old friends and fewer closer old friends have in over a decade.

A part of me believes that it’s just the natural progression. You change. The people you gravitate towards change too. Old friends will probably always have their place and some have probably earned their place better than others.

Though, there is another part, deeper into my thoughts, that believes that those who label themselves as my best friends have probably never really been the best too me, or best for me. I mean, if somebody I have known for so little time can provide better support than what I have ever felt I have, what’s that say about the rest of them?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I have never felt comfortable letting them know I need support for certain things because I’ve always been the stable one. That’s probably it.

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